RCCG UK's Education and Training Advisory Body

Education and Training

Contextualisation and Empowerment

The Redeemed Christian Church of God UK Executive Council has established the National Advisory Board on Education and Training (NABET) to work in an advisory capacity towards the delivery of biblical and theological education within RCCG UK.

As part of its duties, NABET spearheads the contextualisation of RCCG UK training materials, as well as the training of pastors and their support systems to obtain an Advanced Diploma in Ministry.

NABET also facilitates Continuing Professional Development among different cadres of ministers.


God and His Word are one and unchanging therefore RCCG UK NABET works to recommend policy and statements on contemporary ethical issues. This will ensure that RCCG UK speaks with one voice and maintains a uniform stand on controversial contemporary issues such as euthanasia.


One of the core objectives of RCCG UK NABET, is to develop an educational and training framework consistent with the requirements of the UK environment. This largely involves ensuring that training materials used within RCCG parishes in the UK are relevant and meet the needs of the people.
The board also aims to provide contextualisation of RCCG missional strategy in the UK.
NABET’s Christian Educational Resources (CER) unit coordinates the contextualisation of training resources for the adult members of the church. National Coordinators of the Children’s, Teens and Youth arms of the church are responsible for contextualising their materials with support from NABET’s CER unit.


As part of its duties, RCCG UK NABET constitutes a strategic think tank for the RCCG UK Executive Council.
The board is on hand to assist the Exceutive Council in developing various localised strategies aimed at enhancing the good work being done by the RCCG in UK.
The board aims to make recommendations to the Executive Council that will enhance the educational and training values of the church and strengthen the security of the church planting strategy for future generations.


75% of pastors surveyed in a research of pastoral trends, running over 18 years felt they were unqualified and/or poorly trained by their seminaries to lead and manage the church or to counsel others. This left them disheartened in their ability to pastor. (FASICLD, 2007)
In order to support the potential of serving pastors and ministers in RCCG UK, NABET promotes licensing qualifications for RCCG pastors through Christ Redeemer College, a collaborative college of Roehampton University. NABET also facilitates CPD training for all cadres of pastors and their support systems.