RCCG Advanced Diploma in Ministry Application Form

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1. Personal Information
3. Additional Information
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How long have you served in the above selected role?
2. Course Information
The RCCG Advanced Diploma in Ministry (ADM) is a one year program consisting of twelve modules. Please indicate below your intention to enrol on the programme at the earliest possible date. See course brochure for more information.
4. Supporting Materials
As part of your application, please send the following either by email attachment to courses@rccgnabet.org.uk or by post to NABET Office, 23 Village Way East, Rayners Lane, Harrow HA2 7LX:
- An officially letterheaded reference letter from your Area Pastor or higher.
- A standard passport sized photograph of yourself with your full name included.
- Copy of certificate(s) if you selected 'Yes' for previous theological qualification.
Please note that there is a one-off, non-refundable administration fee of £20 for each application. Course fees are £600 with £100 graduation fee already included in the total. That is, total amount payable for the course is £620. All fees will be invoiced and are payable on enrolment. Cheques should be made payable to Christ The Redeemer College. Fees cover enrolment, identification card, teaching, assessment, access to facilities including library borrowing rights and computer access.
Submitting an identity photograph of yourself with this application enables Christ The Redeemer College (CRC) to prepare an identification card for you. The card provides evidence of your student status and enables you to access learning facilities.
Data Protection Statement: All data kept by CRC and RCCG UK NABET (advisory body) are treated confidentially. By completing this application form you consent to your data being made available for official purposes, through our student administration system, to our administrative and academic staff.
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